Stretching on the airplane, found Josh.
Hinda: “Well, this was fun. Ready to be home.”
Josh: (Smiling) “Hard to leave it behind, though.”

Time to destination: 41 minutes. 5:48 PM Eastern Time, December 19, 2011.

I’m feeling farklempt about being home, to tell the truth. This experience, these people. Traveling with the Zamir Chorale of Boston. Who could ask for anything more?

So, a final reflection as I anticipate feeling the plane slowly descending under me from 38,000 feet to land in Boston-Logan airport.

37 minutes left. Still at 38,000 feet. The plane in the zoomed-out map in the AirShow is finally touching the point labeled “Boston”.

Ready to be home. If the experience was any longer, the saturation of emotional and spiritual highs might have been diminished in some way. Yes, we were only out of the United States for five days. I know I keep harping on that point but it’s mind-blowing to think how much I’ve learned, and how much I’ve changed. We will try not to make others feel left out for not having come with us; but how can we keep from them an experience we’re so ready to talk about we’re bursting at the seams?

Nothing more substantial at this point to say that I haven’t said before. Just still basking in the glow that has been Zamir in Berlin. Thanks all for following this blog. I hope you have been enriched by my stories in some way, or that you have been able to understand, even a little, the wonderment that we have experienced at the first Louis Lewandowski Festival.

Final thanks go to Devin Lawrence for his unbridled organization and sweet demeanor; to Barbara Gaffin for being our always-prepared administrator and our tour mommy; to Susan Rubin for being our fearless president; and to Joshua Jacobson, Zamir’s founder and artistic director, who is the glue that holds our unison together.

25 minutes. Electronics off. See you on the ground!

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