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Today is December 14th!

Today is December 14th! It’s 1:08 AM. Why am I still awake? The anxiety of packing, I suppose. I never really get to sleep the night before I travel, no matter how late in the day. I’m finished packing, except for toiletries… can’t easily pack a toothbrush before actually brushing my teeth in the morning before I leave.

This post is not going to be as insightful as my previous ones, partially because I am tired, and partially because I think the adrenaline (and caffeine?) I have pumping through my veins is preventing me from being anything but totally stoked, and bouncing off the walls of my apartment.

I’m reminded of my anxiety about flying. I don’t mind it once we’re in the air — but I hate take-off. The butterflies I will have in my stomach tomorrow as we lift off the runway will be a combination of anxiety about the flight, jitters about a new experience, and flutters of excitement for seeing a new city and meeting new people. I thought going to my voice lesson and nusach class tomorrow morning would be a good idea; I don’t think I’ll actually be able to focus at all, even if I try.

But my bags are packed, I’m ready to go. My car is clean, my laundry is (almost) done. My passport is in my backpack, in the very front pocket (I only report that here because chances are I will forget which pocket it’s in before we get to the airport tomorrow, and I will need the reminder).

Here is our flight plan, Wednesday 12/14:
BOSTON 4:30 PM to FRANKFURT 5:35 AM (next day)
(there is a 6-hour [+] time difference here)

And, in case you are curious (and because, once again, I will probably need the reminder), here is our flight plan on return, Monday 12/19:
BERLIN 1:00 PM to MUNICH 2:15 PM
MUNICH 3:40 PM to BOSTON 6:20 PM

(there is a 6-hour [-] time difference here)

I look forward to writing more soon! No more anticipatory blog posts — just in-the-moment blog posts! Tséténu l’shalom u-vo’énu l’shalom, be’ezrat Hashem. Thanks for following!

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