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Liebe Macht das Lied unsterblich!

Just one more thing to share that I found amusing, since I’m awake anyway. Check out the advertisement for the festival, sighted by two Zamirniks who went early to Berlin for a couple travel days:

LL Festival Bear

“Liebe Macht das Lied unsterblich!” reads the billboard. “Chöre aus 4 Kontinenten in Berlin.”

Zamirniks have been bouncing about the cyber-waves trying to interpret this advertisement. The second part is easy: “Choirs from 4 continents in Berlin,” it reads. The second part, though, is more confusing: “Love makes the song immortal” is the translation provided by Google Translate (thanks, Michael K.). But what does it mean, aside from just being a beautiful saying? Josh informs us that this statement is on Louis Lewandowski’s tombstone… which one can access at (where else?) www.findagrave.com!
LL Tombstone

And what’s with the bear in the tallit? Deb W. and Phyllis We. posit that since the bear is the symbol of the city of Berlin, perhaps the bear in a tallit symbolizes Jews in Berlin. Who knows? We’ll have to remember to ask the coordinators when we get there.

But can you imagine? Here’s a billboard at the potsdamer platz u-bahnhof. And we get to be a part of it! What could be more exciting??

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